Sunday 28 August 2016


Cotton Accounting Purchase


Above diagram show all process briefly means in this module user can place purchase order, then as usual he can make receipt against that order when he receives delivery and then invoice means final account entry at this moment all account get updated and finally he can made return against that invoice.
On seeing above diagram one can assume that it is one direction process but this not true. In near about all transaction form we have provided edit facility so that users can rollback their wrong entry. When there is need to purchase product directly from vender or party at that same time "Kapas Purchase" play major role, we use word directly means without placing purchase order.
Kapas Purchase
Cotton Accounting Purchase Kapas
Purchase Order
Cotton Accounting Purchase Order
Purchase Order
Cotton Accounting Purchase Order
Purchase Receipt
Cotton Accounting Purchase Receipt
Purchase Invoice
Cotton Accounting Purchase Invoice
Purchase Invoice New
Cotton Accounting Purchase Invoice New
Direct Purchase Invoice
Cotton Accounting Direct Purchase Invoice
Weighbridge Purchase
Cotton Accounting Weighbridge Purchase
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